4 reasons to book a car with a driver in Morocco

/ julio 6, 2021

These are the 4 reasons to book a car with a driver on your trip in Morocco and have the best experience possible, instead of renting a car and driving on your own, or choose another kind of transport. Safety first and comfort

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Best places to visit in Morocco

/ noviembre 7, 2020

Best places to visit in Morocco that we would recommend as basics for your trip: Erg Chebbi dunes in the Merzouga desert  Sahara is the jewel of Morocco. You would never imagine something more beautiful. The orange of the sand of the great

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Morocco at Christmas and New year

/ octubre 4, 2020

Have you thought about traveling to Morocco at Christmas and in New year? This could be your next Christmas trip. We know there are full of uncertainties this year, but why not consider to be in Morocco during Christmas or spend new’s year

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Inspiring quotes which describe somehow Morocco

/ enero 23, 2020

The following are inspiring quotes that match somehow with a piece of Morocco and delight us. We had find them in our trips or during our work with instagram and facebook profiles, and we wanted to recap in diferent posts in our blog

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Happy 2020

/ diciembre 30, 2019

We wish you a happy 2020 ! The end of the year 2019 is approaching. And like everyone else, it’s time to do our balance. We are very happy for all the people who have accompanied us in these months. For sharing our

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3 days to Sahara desert

/ octubre 12, 2019

A trip from Marrakech on 3 days to Sahara desert … or 4? We planned visiting Marrakech one day and spend 3 on a Sahara excursion. Should we visit the red city and some one-day-excursions around it instead? In fact, it all depends

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Airports to travel from Sweden to Morocco

/ octubre 7, 2019

Some recommendations on the best aiports to travel from Sweden to Morocco, depending on the kind of trip you want to do in this magic country. Stockholm – Arlanda to Marrakech Since some months ago, Norwegian airlines has direct flights direct from Stockholm

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Unik Morocco

/ abril 1, 2019

Unik Morocco. Sometimes when visiting a place, we realise how beautiful the world, and our country, are. Perhaps it’s a landscape, a word, a sunset, or a movement. In those moments, one can just stand up, and stop breathing. Or breathing as much

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/ agosto 27, 2018

Arriving by car to Casablanca requires the patience for traffic commuting of business in working days. The visitor knows from the first moment why it is the economic capital of the country. Emily was afraid of this traffic to arrive at her meeting

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