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If you are considering traveling to Morocco from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom or Europe (or any other country) for these summer holidays, the first thing is to know if there are any travel restrictions to do it. This post is a compilation of information and links to official sites to update you at any moment. We hope you will find it very useful to read.

Can I travel to Morocco from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom or any other country?

The answer, on 20th june 2021, is an absolute yes, Morocco is open for tourism, and it’s easier than before. Morocco is gradually resuming international flights from June 15th.

Please, keep in mind that if a change has happened recently, perhaps the website in question is not up to date. Try always to check as much as possible. If you travel with us, we will inform you.

Also remember to check it again immediately before your trip in case there are last minute changes. It may not be the same situation when you book the flight, as on the departure date.

Check the legislation of your country in relation to travel and covid, to know if your trip is allowed at the origin, or necessary requirements on the return.

Travel restrictions to Morocco

However, there are some things to take into account when considering to travel to Morocco. Here are the travel restrictions to Morocco that you have to accomplish:

1. Vaccination certificate or PCR

Morocco has eased the requirements from the past 15th june splitting countries into two lists, A and B. 

The list, that will be updated twice a month, classifies the world into 2 groups, A and B countries.

  • In those of A, some countries of Europe, USA, Canada … with good levels of vaccination or with a controlled situation of the pandemic.
  • In those of B, the rest.

Vaccinated people from countries A can travel to Morocco without PCR, and if they are not vaccinated, from 7th july with a 72h PCR before the entrance to the country (before 48h , update from diplomatiemaroc). People from list B countries will only be able to travel with vaccination certificate and 48h PCR, and PCR and quarantine in Morocco for 10 days if they are not vaccinated. Children under the age of 11 are exempt.

So, there are no requirements of PCR from Morocco for USA vaccinated people , or just 72h PCR in case you are not vaccinated.  Vaccinated people of course will have to show a vaccination certificate (pay attention to the dates, only valid 2 weeks after the second dose). Children under the age of 11 are exempt.

Read the source of lists A and B and these procedures at Morocco Sanity Ministry .

2. Health Passenger Form

Also, all passengers must fill, print and present upon arrival the following Public Health Passenger Form. (

3. Passport

Remember you can only be 90 days in Morocco as a tourist, and you need a passport validity of 6 months.

For Virginians (USA), in june 2021, due to the increased demand, there is a delay and you probably need to wait 12 weeks to renew your passport. If you plan to travel, check your expiry passport date and if necessary apply for a renewal. Source:

More detailed information

The link of the official website of Tourism in Morocco has a lot of information on the above requirements and the situation in the country, as well as useful numbers during your stay:

Check always official sources as your embassy  and Moroccan embassy and consulates whose contact you will find in the previous link.

Another way to reassure you of the required measures is in this link:

Travel to Morocco from USA

Royal air maroc and American airlines sell a direct flight from John F. Kennedy international airport (JFK) . It takes about  6 h 50 min to International airport Mohammed V (CMN).  There are flights from Washington and Montreal, and also can be with a scale in Madrid, operated by Air Europa. (Check the requirements of Spain if your scale takes a long time).

Morocco has this point of exoticism and intensity of experience that you are probably looking, acting as a far destination but at close distances.

While in the airports: Social distancing, face mask and hygiene and have your documents prepared for the sanitary control.

How can US citizens travel to Morocco? Direct flights to Casablanca from USA and Canada

There are special offer flights of Royal Air Maroc to travel to Morocco from USA Washington, New York, and Montreal at 500-600 euros, to travel from 15th june to 30th september.

This is one of the seven moroccan international airports that ONDA (Morocco’s National Airports office) has certified for sanitary procedures in the ACI (Airports council international ) ACI Airport Health Accreditation Programme joining a list of more than 600 airports in the world that have prioritized health and safety as their path to recovery. You can find them in the following map.

In this link you will find the measures and also the vaccines list accepted

Sanitary situation of Morocco

With 525​​​​ ​​​​924 total cases upon 18/06/2021 and an ongoing vaccination campaign of 9 million vaccinated people at the same date, Morocco has been cataloged in several lists of countries of low risk to travel.

If you want to know more detail on the covid sanitary situation in Morocco, you can check this link:

In the big cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier or Fes, there are available laboratories to do PCR in 24h in case you need it. Price  around 700 dirhams. 

What you can do and other measures in the country

The health emergency state has been renewed until 10th July, and it will probably be renewed to assure the sanitary safety of the country.

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory, as social distancing and washing hands are required, in every public space and inside common areas.
  • Hotels and accomodation facilities are open and also museums and cultural sites, as well as restaurants, cafés and beaches, among others. Each activity as does also the transport follows covid safety procedures.
  • Still remains the current curfew from 11 PM to 6:30 AM, not applicable to moroccan vaccinated people.
  • Also there can be eventual restrictions to move intercities depending on the health situation. 

But nowadays, you will have plenty of activities to do, the camel ride in the desert or a balloon ride in Marrakech, quad or buggy rides in several places, play golf, go to a spa or hammam, do a cooking class or learn the ceramic technique of zelighes, among others. Just ask us to add it to your trip.

You already know if is Morocco open for tourism now

We hope you and your beloved ones have been well through these covid difficult times and everything is quite ok now. 

As it seems at last we are going out of it now, a vacation in Morocco may be an excellent opportunity to restart and have very good days with your friends or family.

We hope this post about the travel restrictions to Morocco will help you to make it possible, to travel to Morocco from USA, United Kingdom or any other part of the world.

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PS 2. Please spread the word, if any of your acquaintances would like to travel to Morocco,  we would be grateful to send our contact to them.

Note: This article is made as an aid orientation to the traveler. It is the traveler’s responsibility to verify everything at its time, official information at the origin and destination for safe travel.

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