Morocco tourist guide

To discover the essence and beauty in your trip in Morocco

What to see in Morocco?

In a "Morocco tourist guide" you will look for places to see in the country. But first it is worth asking: What does it mean that Morocco is a country of contrasts? That means in a single trip you can visit places so different that the eyes of the traveler do not cease to marvel at every moment. That Morocco offers you as many types of travel as different things to do.

The journey can take you from a city full of life as Marrakech, to the vast empty plains of Jebel Saghro. From high buildings of Tangier to the blue medina of the idyllic Chefchaouen.

You can visit palaces and luxury hotels, or spend the night in a small riad with all its warmth.

To enter in the impressive mosque of Casablanca, or the adobe houses of Ourika Valley.

Immerse yourself in the modernity of Casablanca and Rabat, or the luxury of Tangier; or soak up the history of Fez and Meknes, the exoticism of Marrakech or the rural life of the northern villages.

Let yourself be impressed by the overflowing magic of the desert that fills everything, and by the majesty of the snow-capped mountains of the Atlas.

Go to discover the country's beaches, and distant dunes near the sea, hidden places of the most authentic Morocco.

As any trip, it requires coming with an open mind and letting yourself be surprised. You will notice that Morocco is a destination to return to, again and again.

Unik Maroc Tours offers you a unique look at the most genuine and deep Morocco. As a "Morocco tourist guide" we show you that they offer some of our trips in each of its places:

Atlas landscape view from hotel dades

camels tangier beach

Sahara desert

Everyone should travel to the desert at least once in their life and get caught forever by their magic. For the traveler who does not know the country and comes for the first time to Morocco for a short time, we recommend the one week trip to the great south to the dunes of Erg Chebbi. If you are in Marrakech you can also visit the nearest dunes of Erg Chegagga, less spectacular than the first ones.

Berber culture of desert people, their generosity and joy, will refuel you wherever you go. And the desert silence will make that reset, so necessary sometimes, that we look for during the holidays.

Morocco and especially desert, provides a unique opportunity to also look at your inner self while traveling. If you are looking for adventure and fun, you can try 4x4 or motorcycle routes, and excursions with quads and buggies, or go through alternative tracks with us.

Tours to Sahara desert

desert landscape


Landscapes of the Atlas, mountain range that crosses Morocco in half, are spectacular. Prepare the camera and we will stop at the best spots to photograph them.

The mountains hide an endless number of berber villages to visit and live with their people. Learn from their traditions, cooking with them or weaving, for example.

You have the possibility of treckings, routes by bicycle, motorcycle or 4x4, in which we can accompany you as a logistic support and guide in your journey.

Tours to Atlas mountains

  • From 10 to 12 days

  • From 11 to 14 days

snowy mountains Atlas


If you like culture, history, art, you should not miss the visit to 4 imperial cities, Fez, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat. They will transfer you to old times of Morocco. You will admire its architectural beauty in addition to the craftsmanship of the lifelong trades that are still exercised in its medinas. We would like to expand this "Morocco Tourist Guide" so that you have more information about the cities on our blog or ask us directly.

Knowing also Rabat, Casablanca or Tangier is the latest trend in travel. To know how to live in modernity in these metropolis and stories they hide. Their nightlife, restaurants and leisure zones that are also an important part of the trip.

Tours to Morocco's cities

  • From 6 to 9 days

  • From 14 to 18 days

morocco touristic guide meknes door

The north to discover

North part of the country has ceased to be only a gateway. Is a tourist destination by itself and in any case a prelude to an upcoming trip to the south of the country. The thing is, that now, you will also easily reach Tanger by plane or by ferry to its ports.

Visit the old Spanish and French protectorates, with the white and pretty Tetuan as a Tangier couple. To reach the blue Chefchaouen, combining its mountain with the sea airs of the Atlantic or Mediterranean that surround them. It is a different experience that offers culture, relaxation and a lot of history.

Tours to north Morocco

  • From 7 to 10 days

  • From 14 to 18 days

Assilah medina

The mysterious south Atlantic

Surfers, bohemians and adventurers travel through the desert landscapes and kilometer beaches to the south of the country.

A dreamlike environment that puts Agadir as the closest starting point.

The 4x4 necessary to travel roads and tracks and approach the borders of the unknown. Visit forgotten sites of ancient colonial presence, as well as know the most extensive Sahara.

Places less frequented by tourists that offer a different attraction.

Tour to the south Atlantic

  • From 10 to 12 days

Legzira beach

Make yourself understood

Basic expressions

In this second part of our "Morocco Tourist Guide", we will show you a little of the language spoken there so that you can make yourself understood.

In Morocco there are two official languages, Arabic and Berber, and throughout the territory its different dialects, such as Darija in the north, which make it even more difficult to communicate .

In all administrations you can make yourself understood in French. In the most tourist areas French, English or Spanish are a common resource that facilitates communication. In those parts where this is not possible, a few basic words are enough so you get a very grateful answer.

To make it easier for you to make you understand in a language that is not yours, we write here the translation with the approximate Arabic pronunciation, of those 4 magic words, that will help to open all the doors with a smile:

The Greeting:

You will notice that greeting between moroccans is quite long and repetitive before each conversation, but for a foreigner the easiest thing when you enter in a store or find someone, it is at least the first hello and a goodbye.

Hello - "As-salám aleíkum" and the answer hello - "U aleíkum as-salám"
- How are you? - Could it be "La bes alík? "Or simply" La bes? "
- If the answer is a good, thank you -" La bes el-hamdulil.lah "or a simple: Thank you! "Barakalófi"
- Goodbye - "Beslama"

During meals:

Good appetite, or literally “enjoy it” - "Be-s-sahha"

Purchasing or other circumstances:

- How much is it worth? - "Shall?"
- Thank you - "Shókran" or thank you very much "Shókran bisef"
- Yes - "e", "iyeh" or "naam"
- No – “La”
- A little - "Schwía"
- Nothing - "Wálo"

4 men talking around a table

Moroccan gastronomy

Discover a Country through taste is one of the most wonderful ways to appreciate its culture. This is why we have added this section in our "Morocco Tourist Guide". The tradition is to eat all from the same source and with your right hand, accompanying bread most of the times. We encourage you to discover the Morocco’s great culinary variety and we recommend that you do not fail to taste these basics:

To start you can try, as moroccan salad, the tacktouka (roasted pepper with tomato) and the roasted aubergine zaalouk; or a fresh tomato salad, with green pepper, cucumber and onion, all chopped very small.

EThe most important dish is the tajine, which takes its name from the clay pot in which it is slowly cooked. It can be meat (veal) with plums and almonds, or lemon chicken, to mention two of the most typical, but also you can order it with only vegetables.

Meat can be grilled with skewers, and also kefta, a kind of spiced meatballs which tajine is also prepared with.

In the north and along the Atlantic coast, enjoy a good fresh fish, fried, grilled or grilled, accompanied by french fries and typical tomato sauce to spread the bread. They are also worth fish tajines.

Another delicious option are chicken or beef pastillas, minced meat wrapped in corn dough and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, and fish patties. Briouats, that are similar, can be a snack at any time

Friday is the day of couscous (nothing like the recently made at home), usually with vegetables, with pieces of meat or chicken, to choose from. In some places they are sprinkled with sweet raisins that, when pouring the broth that accompanies the plate, give it a special touch. With cuscus we use to drink Lhben, a bit sour fermented milk. If you try this, you will taste the whole dish

In the section of soups, the harira, superrestorative, based on meat, chickpeas and lentils, and the bissara based on dried peas is also a good alternative for winter.

CAs desserts, many sweets with base of almonds, sweetened or with honey, among which sbakias that we love so much.

Oranges, apples, strawberries, pomegranates, melon and watermelon and so many other fruits to enjoy depending on the time of year and area. But above all desert dates!

Enjoy the delicious and copious breakfasts to try all types of bread and cakes offered, and combine them with a good olive oil, or if it can be argan, honey or amlou (which is a mixture of argan oil with crushed argan walnuts and honey), and olives.

First meal in days of Ramadan when the sun goes down and after the prayer of the muezzin is the Ftour. It starts with a couple of dates, harira (soup), and then msaman, oily pancakes, or pancakes (baghrir) spread with honey or cheese, sbakias or other honey sweets, with orange juice and fermented milk Lhben, to finish with a small kefta tagine (minced meat) and some tea ... energetic, right?

And remember that ... at any time, and not only afterwards but during meals, it is good to stop for a mint tea. Ask for it without sugar , or aside, if you prefer, and enjoy all the ritual of its preparation.

Try. We leave a lot of dishes to taste!

Our "Morocco Tourist Guide" continues on the blog and in the next section of travel recommendations that we hope will be useful to you.

cuscus moroccan gastronomy

tagine moroccan gastronomy


sbakias cookies with tea

We explain some basic things you should know before going to Morocco.

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