Language of Morocco

Words in arabic to learn and make you understand in your trip

Language of Morocco

Basic expressions

Surely you wonder what language is spoken in Morocco. In this second part of our "Tourist Guide to Morocco" we show you some words in Arabic to learn and to make yourself understood.

The official and primary language in Morocco is not only Arabic, but also Berber. In addition, throughout the territory there are different dialects, such as Darija in the north, which make it even more difficult to communicate.

In the most touristic areas, French, English or Spanish are a common resource that facilitates communication. In the cities and all administrations, French is widely spoken in Morocco since colonial times.

In those places where this is not possible, a few basic words in Moroccan Arabic are enough, which will surely obtain a very grateful response. We write here the translation with the approximate pronunciation of those four magic wordsof th elanguage of Morocco, which will help open all doors with a smile:

How to greet someone in morocco:

You will notice that greeting between moroccans is quite long and repetitive before each conversation, but for a foreigner the easiest thing when you enter in a store or find someone, it is at least the first hello and a goodbye.

Hello - "As-salám aleíkum" and the answer hello - "U aleíkum as-salám"
- How are you? - Could it be "La bes alík? "Or simply" La bes? "
- If the answer is a good, thank you -" La bes el-hamdulil.lah "or a simple: Thank you! "Barakalófi"
- Goodbye - "Beslama"

During meals:

Good appetite, or literally “enjoy it” - "Be-s-sahha"

Purchasing or other circumstances:

- How much is it worth? - "Shall?"
- Thank you - "Shókran" or thank you very much "Shókran bisef"
- Yes - "e", "iyeh" or "naam"
- No – “La”
- A little - "Schwía"
- Nothing - "Wálo"

- Everything - "Kulxi"

And some more words that will help you in Geo-location:

Medina - old part of the cities
Souks - markets
Mellah - Jewish quarter
Habus - administrative quarter
Masjid - Mosques
Riad - old courtyard houses
Dar- home
derb - alley
Zaouia - Mausoleum
Madrasa - usually Koranic school
Foundouk - inn
Kasbah - square fortification
Ksur - fortified town
Borj - fortification - control tower
Marabou - marabout
Agadir - warehouse
Oued - river
Bhar - Sea, beach
Jbel - mountain

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