Who are we?

We love to share with our family of clients, the peace and Morocco's way of life, while we travel.


We believe that each person is unique and that is why we transform your trip to Morocco to be unique as well.


Our mission is to help people like you who want to live Morocco intensely and give them a new look, appreciating the genuine and simple of the exciting Berber culture.


We are your authentic travel companion that takes you to discover the essence and beauty of Morocco.


The given word is one of the most important values ​​of the Berbers. Care, generosity and attention to detail, joy and awareness in how we do things are our internal guides.

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Why should you travel with us?

You want authenticity and discover new things

You are going to discover the essence and beauty of Morocco with drivers and local guides who will bring you closer to the country that we love so much and the Berber way of life.

You want to feel safe and comfortable

We do private trips just for your group, in 4x4 and high-end minibus with professional drivers in a family and friendly atmosphere.

You want your trip to be unique

You decide the pace of your trip, which we tailor-made for you. Adding and taking care of the details so that it is different and everything goes well.

You want to enjoy charming sites

Landscapes and places that leave you speechless. You stay in hotels, riads and desert camps, which we choose for you for their service and that special touch that you value so much.

You want it to be easy

Before and during the trip. Without searching the internet for hours to not miss anything and have a good service. We adapt the tour according to the city where you arrive in Morocco, and we come to pick you up.

You want to contribute to sustainability

You want to support the development of local communities and travel respectfully with nature and animals. We show you how.

unikmaroctours we in a 4x4

A little about us ..

We are people of broad international background. We combine having lived in several European countries, Scandinavian and Mediterranean, and also travelling through the world. We are always in touch with diversity and cultural richness. Our open mind listens to understand you from where you speak.

We love to share with our family of clients the peace and the Morocco’s way of life, while we travel. As you were part of our nomad family in the desert.

We like to pay attention to details. We are passionate about traveling and knowing Morocco, and that is why it will be a pleasure share it with you. We will show you our culture and way of life through our conversations, these small details, the most special places and people that, with their warmth and hospitality, will make you feel part of them.

Unik maroc tours about us

Our team of driver guides

We know different cultures and languages ​​that open doors to understanding with people from all over the world. We have a large experience with international clients from all over the world and especially from Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, China, Japan, USA and South America.

We offer you a unique look at the most genuine and profound Morocco through our team of local guides / drivers.

Our expert guide drivers speak Swedish, English, French, Italian and Spanish for the best communication with you, in addition to mother tongues Arabic and Berber.

Árabe y bereber


The drivers / guides of the agency are part of a family of Berbers with a long tradition of tourism, who know and love the country in the same way as our nomadic grandparents knew and loved the Sahara desert. Part of our family still has this way of living today.

We are curious as the desert fox and we always want to go a little bit further, to discover that fascinating Morocco; but with the experience of the traveler who knows how to dose tempos.


We also have experience with travel’s goals such as:

  • Cinema, transport for film production, film shooting and location of scenarios.
  • Ornithology, birdwatching - in Gibraltar strait and throughout the entire moroccan national parcs.
  • Expeditions with biologists and nature lovers
  • Photography trips, tours with professional photographers and teaching photography
  • Yoga, stays in the desert or Marrakech for practitioner or private groups
  • Routes in motorcycles or bicycles, with guide-car and assistance with mechanic
  • Trips that combine mountain trekking itineraries
  • Projects of volunteers and NGOs that need transport
  • Business incentives trips, or vip executive transport in events celebration and meetings

We make your dream of traveling to Morocco a reality.

You can also contact us

We will advise you with professionalism and experience to make your trip unique.