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You might wonder ...

After writing to you, what should I expect?

Ideally, you should look for the flights and tell us what they would be. This is how we respond to you with a travel proposal already adapted to them. But if you don't have them yet, don't worry, we will send you the proposal and when you book the flights, we will adapt the trip so that everything fits perfectly.

Are the flights included in the trip?

No, flights are booked by the customer.

How is the payment method?

By bank transfer or Western Union 30% as confirmation, non-refundable but flexible for new dates in case of cancellation due to covid.

Is it a private trip?

Yes, we only do trips for your group, family or friends.

Is the ride with the camels included in the trip?

Yes, as long as you book a night in a camp, which we arrive at with an unforgettable ride.

How much should I anticipate in food expenses?

Of course, there are all prices but in Morocco you can eat for less than 10 euros and up to 5.

And what do I expect to spend on museums and activities?

To visit the basics of Marrakech are about 40 eur per person.

If you have not found the answer here, you can look at the section on Morocco on our website or read more travel recommendations on our blog.